add gmail without VPN

Updated at: August 19, 2017

no vpn required


What if an app stops workingNow that you have 2-Step Verification, 
you may have trouble accessing your account from some apps, such as:
“Mail” on iPhone, iPad, or Mac;

Chat clients (e.g., Adium).
To get your apps working again, you’ll need something called an application-specific password. 
Don’t worry—we’ll generate one for you, and you won’t need to remember it.

On Your Mobile Mail App

e.g. Smartisan M1

1) access

2) login your google account and generate an app password

3) you will get a 16 digital code

4) use the 16 digital code as password when you configure your mail app on you smart phone

Thanks to 自在才 @

On Your Desktop

e.g. ThunderBird on Linux

  1. generate a app password exactly same as what we do on your mobile.
  2. ‘File’ -> ‘New’ -> ‘Exsiting Mail Account’
  3. important: change ‘Authentication method’ to ‘Normal password’ (which is ‘OAuth2’ by default)