My Ubuntu(16.04LTS) Desktop Manifest

Updated at: June 4, 2017

create a bootable USB flash drive from terminal with corresponding linux-desktop.iso

get the device name of your USB with df -h e.g. /dev/sdb1

> dd if=/path/to/linux-desktop.iso of=/dev/sdx
# e.g. dd if=/path/to/linux-desktop.iso of=/dev/sdb
# Notice: not sdb1 !!!
> sync
> eject /sdx1 
# e.g. eject /sdb1


First of all, Let’s across Great Wall @github installation wiki

chrome on linux

> sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

# start chrome with a proxy, only for chrome linux, you can set up proxy manually on windows/OSX 
> google-chrome-stable --proxy-server=""
# login in google accout to sync your bookmarks and extensions

Input Method 输入法

im-config # select ibus or fcitx

  • ibus, (Chinese (Pinyin))

    Setting –> Text Entry –> add “Chinese (Pinyin)”

  • fcitx,

    1. sogou pinyin
       > sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/sogoupinyin_2.1.0.0082_amd64.deb
       > sudo apt -f install # solve dependency
       > sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/sogoupinyin_2.1.0.0082_amd64.deb
       > fcitx-config-gtk3 # or fcitx-configtool
       # --> add input method --> sougou pinyin

      sogou & fcitx bug on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS :

      since SouGou PinYin for Linux is developed by Ubuntu Kylin Team and Sougou company.

    2. google_pinyin

      2 Best Chinese PinYin Input Method in Ubuntu 16.04

$SHELL fish

> lsb_release -cs

# download corresponding package due to code name of your ubuntu release, e.g. xenial
> sudo dpkg -i sudo dpkg -i fish_2.6.0-1-xenial_amd64.deb
> sudo dpkg -i fish-common_2.6.0-1-xenial_all.deb
> sudo apt install -f # solve dependency

> fish -v                                                                                                                                           13:52:31
> fish, version 2.6.0

omf(oh my fish, like oh my zsh as you know), since I use rvm which officailly support bash/zsh, while I can install a rvm plugin wih omf, this plugin make rvm work perfectly with fish.


  1. ubuntu software
    • player: vlc
    • downloader: deluge
    • game: steam
    • screenshot: shutter
    • package management: synaptic package manager/GDebi package installer
  2. others

For developer


# fish style
set -x JAVA_HOME $HOME/jdk1.8.0_65
set -x JRE_HOME {$JAVA_HOME}/jre
set -x CLASSPATH .:{$JAVA_HOME}/lib:{$JRE_HOME}/lib
set -x PATH {$JAVA_HOME}/bin {$JRE_HOME}/bin $PATH


  • rvm # sometimes blocked by great wall, you can install ruby via compiling source code
  • rails
  • awesome vim



env variables

# fish style
set -x GOROOT $HOME/go
set -x GOPATH $HOME/gopackage
set -x PATH {$GOROOT}/bin $PATH


built-in python and python3




Ubuntu packages for R