oracle IDE in vim

Updated at: May 22, 2017

Vorax, an Oracle IDE for Geeks, I spent a good amount of time to set up this Vim plugin on my desktop.

My Environment:

  • ubuntu desktop 16.04 LTS
  • $SHELL: fish
  • vim: awesome vim

1) clone vorax4 into awesome vim

cd ~/.vim_runtime
git clone sources_non_forked/vorax4

2) vorax4 rely on ruby 1.9.3 or 2.0.0 (are both not maintained by community any more)

Since ubuntu system ruby (sudo apt install ruby), general version is 2.2 or 2.3

I use rvm to manage different versions of ruby.

While rvm bascily support bash/zsh, to utilize it in fish, I need a utility oh-my-fish.

With omf(oh-my-fish), install rvm plugin omf install rvm

Use ruby 1.9.3 as default,

rvm install 1.9.3
rvm use --default 1.9.3

# check if works
ruby -v

3) recompile vim with ruby1.9.3

sudo apt install mercurial

# get vim source
hg clone

# configure & compile
cd vim
./configure --with-features=HUGE \
    --enable-pythoninterp=yes \
    --with-python-config-dir=/usr/lib/python2.7/config/ \
    --enable-multibyte=yes \
    --enable-cscope=yes \
    --enable-rubyinterp=yes \
    --with-ruby-command=<your ruby path, '$which ruby'> \
    --enable-gui=gnome2 \
    --with-x \
sudo make install

4) install gem dependencies

On it’s wiki, gem install vorax to solve gem dependencies, vorax is a dummy gem which contains 4 gems. Since one of 4 gems, sdsykes-ferret was not maintained by owner anymore. So …

# nokogiri require ruby >= 2.1, so you need to specify a history version
gem install nokogiri -v 1.6.8 --no-rdoc --no-ri
gem install childprocess --no-rdoc --no-ri
gem install rubytree --no-rdoc --no-ri
gem install ferret --no-rdoc --no-ri # instead of sdsykes-ferret

5) have a try

ensure that you have oralce client installed (include sqlplus)

If you install 64bit sqlplus, sqlplus64, you need to modify source ruby code of vorax plugin In my case, .vim_runtime/sources_non_forked/vorax4/vorax/ruby/lib/vorax/sqlplus.rb, change sqlplus to sqlplus64

 def initialize(bin_file = "sqlplus64")                                                                                                                                                   
       @bin_file = bin_file

open vim, connect to a oracle instance :VORAXConnect scott/tiger@db

open database explorer, <Leader>ve

what’ my ? it's "\" by default, you can check with `:echo mapleader`, it's "," in my case

execute statementss, <Leader>e

open SQL Scratch <Leader>ss

output window,