How do they rank grils in move "Social Network"?

Updated at: February 15, 2018

crawl girls picture


They keep everything open and allow indexs in their apache configuration, so a little wget magic is all that’s necessary to download the entire.

    $wget -r -np -nd -A .jpg <URL with index>

    -np not ascend paraent dir
    -nd not create a hierarchy of folder
    -r recursively
    -A accept list


no indexs in apache, run a empty search and return all images in a single page, then i can save the page and Mozilla will save all images for me


require username/passwd, use account bolson


$wget="wget -q0- --post-data='action=Search'";

print "$wget\n";
$page=` $wget`;

while ($page =~ m/compactshow\.php\?student_id=([0-0]+)/g) {
    $wget="wget -qO- http:/$1";
    print "$wget \n";
    if ($student_page =~ m/female\/([0-9]+\.jpg/g) {


The ranking algorithm:

  • Ea/Eb is the expectation in this match, Ra/Rb is current ranking
  • Ea+Eb=1

winner get point 1 while loser get 0

if exceed expectation, ranking go up; vice verse;

Sa is the point which A get in this match,K is the constant factor depend on the match, e.g chess is 16

For example, every one’s ranking is 0 at beginning. In the first match, A win B, A got 1 and B got 0.

  • Ra’=0+16*(1-0.5)=8
  • Rb’=0+16*(0-0.5)=-8